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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, 9/30/10

Good Thursday to you all!  I see a couple newbies to the Blog!  Excellent!  Thank you for joining us and...WELCOME!  I hope all of you have seen the past posts since I created the Blog!  This has been a lot of fun for me, to share all of the store's developments with you!  And I sure hope that when the store opens, each one of you personally come and introduce yourselves to me!  I am so excited to meet you!

This week has been a whirlwind of activity between my full-time job, my 4-year old daughter, a nasty eye infection and keeping everything going! 

So here's the good news:  The architectural plans have been approved for the store (the VERY IMPORTANT) plans that illustrate all of the wonderful work to be done and undone, i.e. the CONstruction and DEstruction (ha ha, my dry sense of humor) and all of the very mechanical and electrical things that need to be done to get ready for my occupancy!  The Landlord of the Pinetree Plaza has been fantastic to work with and I know that when the construction is done, we are going to have a beautiful, comfortable, functional and spacious Scrapbook Store at our disposal!

So, get ready for CONstruction and DEstruction photos of the store to be coming to the Blog and to my website at:

Next Blog Topic:   Product Names, punches, cardstocks, all the goodies currently being ordered for The Studio!  Have some suggestions?  Please email them to me at  I would love to hear from you on products you would like to see!!!  Now's the time to submit your requests!

Happy Cropping!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EK Success: Scrapbook Design & You University at The Scrapbook Studio!

Good Tuesday Morning everyone.  Today's topic is something really FUN!  These comprehensive how-to-scrapbook classes will be starting at The Studio sometime in November!  Here's the link for ALL of the SDU information, but I've listed below some general info about the classes!

The curriculum of SDU® starts at the very beginning! In these classes you will learn about the emotional value of scrapbooking along with the basics on how to plan and prepare for a scrapbook project. These classes present the foundation for beginners while exposing advanced students to view scrapbooking in a whole new light.  Cost of the classes (all 4 included) to be determined, but I can assure you, it will be REASONABLE!  You will need to have a "toolkit" for the classes, all of which can be purchased at The Studio, but we will go over all of that in Class #1, so relax!  And enjoy a whole new learning experience in Scrapbooking!

Class #1 - Scrapbook Basics
In Scrapbook Basics, discover the inspiration that comes from creating scrapbooks. This class will orient all levels of papercrafters to the tools of the trade, practical organization and the elements of scrapbook design. Learn step-by-step how to create focus and unity through a variety of matting techniques, and leave class with a full understanding of the elemental components of scrapbooking.

Class #2 - Building Blocks of Design
A working knowledge of color theory and its relation to designing scrapbook pages is essential to the development of well structured layouts. Combining this understanding with the building blocks (photographs, journaling, titles, enhancements, color, line, letter and shape) and the principles of design structure will assist scrapbookers in the creation of strong layouts that complete a balanced and unified story.

Class #3 - The Power of the Pen
A picture is not always worth a thousand words. It is vital that every scrapbook designer develop an appreciation for the integration of the written word on a scrapbook page. The Power of the Pen will provide students with basic writing techniques and exercises to assist in the development of engaging titles and impact filled journal entries. Additionally, students will begin to understand the influence that hand lettering has on their reader, and how to incorporate their personal script into each design.

Class #4 - The Final Touch
Embellishing scrapbook pages is a true testament in the development of a papercrafter's design process. Page enhancements such as titles, stickers and punch art, allow the designer to create balance, rhythm, movement, contrast and depth with a layout. Design spectacular titles, learn techniques that give new vitality to your collection of stickers, develop knowledge of punch maintenance and the incorporation of punch art design in layout design.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at:

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Phone Number for The Studio!

Great, great, great news everyone! 

I was able to secure the PERFECT phone number for The Studio!

It will be (drumroll, please.....) 


Or for us "numbers" people, it will be 330-652-2767...still a great number!

So write it down, put it in your cell phones!  I will let you all know when it's a "live" number!

Take Care - talk soon!

Monday, Sept 27th - Construction of the Store

Good Morning everyone!  I thought today, I'd take a step back and talk a little about the construction to take place at The Studio, to get it ready for opening!  I hope by giving you some of this information, you'll have a better idea of why it's taking a while to get the store opened!

It was by sheer luck and blessings that I found the space at The Pinetree Plaza, which happens to be 3.5 miles from my house!  But that's not the best part.  The Pinetree Plaza is situated at one of the busiest intersections in Trumbull County and is so centrally located between all the major highways and routes, that it truly is the PERFECT spot for The Studio.  And, the paving of all the roads in every direction from the plaza has just been completed, so it's smooth sailing right into the parking lot!

The Studio is located two doors down from Cindy's Health & Vitality Center, and the other end of the plaza is East of Chicago Pizza and Arthur Treachers.  McDonalds is right across the street and so is Walgreens!  Oh yes, and BP Gas station!  Everything you need is within walking distance of the store which I'm sure will make your lengthy visits at The Studio much more convenient and enjoyable!

So, back to the store.  It will be a little over 4,600 square feet of pure Scrapbooking Bliss!  It will be an open floor plan with a designated cropping & training area at the very back of the store.  There are many walls that needs to come down (the spaced was previously used as a Policy Academy), a new HVAC system that will be installed in addition to two new handicap accessible bathrooms and a new drop ceiling!

The decor of the store is expected to be a little bit of contemporary/retail and little bit Boutique!  Okay, maybe more Boutique than contemporary!  LOL!   So as you can see, there is much work to be done!  But once it's done, it will be utterly fantastic!

That's all for today!  Please remember that if you have any questions or blog suggestions, please email me at or

Have a great Monday everyone!


Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF - Happy Friday Sept 24th!!

Good late-morning everyone!  Had a great time "mixing" it up at the Regional Chamber Business Showcase Mixer last night!  Promoted The Scrapbook Studio and got some great ideas for our Grand Opening Promotional Giveaways!  So, be sure attend the Grand Opening (date to be determined) and get your goodies!

Today's topic for The Studio is "Classes & Services!"  The Studio isn't just a retail store!  It's a "hub" for socializing, learning, bonding, scrapbooking and fulfilling all of the scrapbook and paper-crafting goals you've been striving to attain!

One of the things that makes The Studio so special is even if you're not scrapbooker (gasp!) we will completely and beautifully put together a scrapbook for you!  It's our "Scrapbooker-For-Hire" program and our non-crafty customers can give us their photos (duplicates of course! NEVER the originals!) and we will develop a comprehensive, beautiful, themed (if they so choose) scrapbook!  What a great gift this would be for our parents, children, brides, graduates, anniversaries!  And don't forget our Gift Registry that falls in line with all of these special events!

How about a Memory Book for a loved one who's passed away?  We can, with little turnaround time, even develop a memory book or photo board for a Funeral.  This is our way of helping families handle all of the many tasks to be done when a loved one passes - we take care of displaying those photos and memories!

Trade-In-Days - okay, we've all got tools, supplies and "stuff" that we no longer use, right?  Well, each  month we'll have trade in days where you bring us your old "stuff," but it still has to be functional, and we'll give you a coupon towards ANY purchase in the store!  All of the tools and supplies traded in will be donated to local charities, schools or shelters.

Classes:  So many classes, so little time!  HA HA!  Here is just a sampling of the classes to be scheduled at The Studio.  Remember, I'm open for ideas so if you have a fantastic idea for a class, let me know!  And if you happen to be quite the expert on something, I would love to have you as an instructor!

  • Scrapbook Design & You University Classes (EK Success certified!)
  • Photography Classes
  • Cricut classes
  • Digital Scrapbooking Classes
  • Genealogy Classes
  • Card-Making Stamp A Stacks
  • Techniques Classes (such as chalking, stamping, embossing, etc.)
  • And many more to come!
Midnight Crops and Pajama Lockdown Parties:  Yep - bring your jammies and we'll "crop the night away!"  We'll lock the doors, jam to some tunes (could be Disco, could be Country, could be 80's...there's ALWAYS A THEME!)  and have fun as we work on scrapbooks and projects!  There will be games, prizes and SURPRISES!

Weekend Retreats - starting in 2011, we'll put together a series of Entire Weekend Event of Scrapbooking!  We'll reserve blocks of rooms at area hotels, make arrangements for catering and you can spend the entire weekend away from kids and hubbies to re-group and re-connect with new friends and old friends!  Again, there will be games, prizes and SURPRISES!  More info to come on this! 

Okay, that's enough for one day!  Next time, I will focus on our Club Membership Program and all the cool things you get by being a club member!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Angela V.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Thursday Morning!

Good morning everyone!  I'm so excited to see some new "followers" on this Blog - Thank you!  I will do my best to keep you informed and entertained as The Studio dream becomes a reality and we can all share in its first steps to inception!

Today, I thought, since we have some "newbies" to the Blog (a big WELCOME! to you) that I would take this opportunity to tell you all about the The Scrapbook Studio and all of the wonderful things in store for all of us!

First, "The Studio" (as I affectionately like to call it, plus it's easier to type - ha ha), will have a vast array of products, tools, embellishments, punches, beautiful designer (12x12) cardstock that I am choosing by-hand, myself.  I will have hand-picked every single item you will see when you shop with us!  Each item truly is being chosen with YOU in mind.  I hope you love all of the products!  There will be almost 1,000 different paper designs in my beginning inventory!

Next, I've designed a cropping & training room that encompasses comfort and a homey feel so that while you're working on those beautiful scrapbooks or making cards for an upcoming holiday, you can feel functional AND comfortable!  I will have a die-cutting machine. tools and supplies on-hand for you to use, like punches, scrap cardstock, tools, etc.    Just in case you forget something at home or want to try something different that you don't have yet!

Also, you will have access, as my customer, to a Free Self-Serve Coffee Bar.  A Keurig Coffee Machine system with coffees, teas, hot chocolates.  Just my way of saying "Come in, relax, enjoy your time at The Studio!"  Bistro Tables will be available for you to sit, have your coffee and thumb thru a book or magazine...or chit-chat with me!

For all you moms:  A Children's Play Area.  Yes, an area designated for our little ones to color, play and keep busy while you shop in the store!

For my Techy-Scrapbookers:  I have a designed an area for Digital Scrapbooking!  A designated computer and wide-carriage digital photo printer will be available for you to dabble in digital scrapbooking or even print a few of those photos you want to include in your layout!  For a small fee to cover the supplies, you can make yourself at home at the Digital Station working on those digital layouts.  And remember:  you can still add embellishments to those digital layouts which we call "Hybrid Scrapbooking!"  Very cool!

One of the coolest things about The Studio is the LOCKERS!  Locker usage & rental will be available for you to put your belongings in while you're "camping" out at The Studio for an all-day event or cropping session and large lockers will be available for your Cropping Cases so you don't have to lug those big cases in and out of the car, especially in Winter when it's a MESS outside!

Lunch Box Crops - Do you want to scrapbook on your lunch hour?  Bring your lunch, reserve a locker for all of your supplies & tools and come work on those layouts on your lunch hour!  All you have to bring is your lunch!

There is so much more, so let's re-convene tomorrow to go over all of the cool SERVICES and CLASSES and EVENTS that The Studio will offer its customers!  Even the non-scrapbookers!  We love you too!  LOL!

Thank you, God Bless! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inventory Abound - Getting ready to fill those shelves!

Good afternoon all of my fellow scrapbookers, card-makers, friends and family!  While Francesca (my daughter) is at Dance class tonite, I will be getting my Bazzill Basics order ready which includes the GLITTERIEST of GLITTER PAPER (that doesn't shed!),  adorable Polka Dot cardstock, Jewel templates, Brads and these AWESOME STITCHING TEMPLATES!  Yes, templates that allow you to easily and beautifully add stitching to your layouts!  I am also ordering adhesive jewels, Bazzill buttons, Glazed Cardstock and all kinds of goodies!

One thing I am really excited about is, staying with the Genealogy-themed classes, Bazzill's line of  Family/Heritage Generations cardstock, charts, Family Story sheets and more!  These are a great way to illustrate your family's lineage and history!  And hopefully our Genealogy classes will help put you in the right direction to start tracing back your family history, gathering information for journaling and photos for those scrapbook layouts!  Remember, this would also make a GREAT anniversary gift, wedding gift and birthday gift to our "more mature" loved ones!

Some of the other classes you'll see at "The Studio" will be Cricut Classes, Photography, Scrapbook Design & You University Classes, card-making classes, techniques classes, Mommy & Me...and more!  Submit your Class Suggestions to me and I'll try to get them on the calendar!

Soon as I know when "The Studio" will open,  I will be sure get the Calendar of Events posted to my website AND this Blog!

That's all for today!  Love to you all and hope to see you very soon!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Update as of Monday, Sept 20th

Hi All!  Can you believe we've past the September mid-point?  Where has the time gone?  Things are still moving forward with the "Studio" development!  The space will soon be undergoing extensive construction and will look fantastic when it's done!  I went to the plaza this weekend and cleaned the store windows, put up my Coming Soon posters and jazzed things up a bit with some Halloween decals!  Lots of work yet to do, though!

In the meantime, I'm working with all your favorite vendors on developing a great inventory!  I've also gotten all the comfy chairs for the cropping area and I'm having my wonderful seamstress Mother make some really fun and funky covers for them!  Dave and I will be getting our hands really dirty stripping and re-staining the beautiful antique buffet that will proudly display the coffee bar machine and supplies!  The coffee machine will be a big fancy Keurig machine with gourmet coffees, teas and hot chocolate for those (brrrrr) upcoming cold days!

The website is just about ready to go "live" so please add the site to your Favorites and keep checking back often for more updates on the store's status!  Here's the website:

Call me if you have any questions!  Talk soon!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Scrapbook Studio & Cafe is coming soon!

Hi everyone!  If you're reading this, then I just shared something very, very special with you!  Yes, I am opening a retail Scrapbook Store and Training Center right here in Niles, OH!

This store will be unlike anything in the tri-county area!  Here are just a few of the many facets of the "Studio" which is scheduled to open in October, 2010!  Yes, next month!

Retail:  The store, of course, will have all of the latest and greatest scrapbooking and papercrafting products from all of our favorite brand names:  EK Success, Bazzill Basics, Martha Stewart, Penny Black Stamps, K & Company and so many more!

Cropping Area:  The Studio will have a comfy, yet functional, Cropping Center complete with some basic supplies provided for your convenience...just in case you forget something at home!  Large tables, comfy chairs and space to spread your wings and crop all day long!  And all night long too!

Training Classes:  I am happy to announce that I (& a couple good scrapbooking friends) have become certified thru EK Success to teach The Scrapbook Design & You University Scrapbook classes!  We can teach you how to start scrapbooking from scratch!

Free, Self-Serve Coffee Bar - Yes you read that right!  Free!  Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate during your shopping, cropping and learning time at the Studio!  Or have a seat at one of our sassy little Bistro Tables and thumb thru a scrapbooking magazine!  Have a quiet moment or chat with a friend or me!

Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Printing - Need a couple photos printed?  Want to do a Digital Scrapbook Layout?  We have the equipment where you can do just that!  For a small fee to cover time on the equipment and supplies used, you can print a few photos for your cropping pleasure or get that digital layout printed!

Children's Play Area - yes, you read that right too!  There will be Children's Play Area for our little ones to keep themselves occupied while you shop at your leisure!  Complete with toys, crayons, books, etc., your little one can enjoy their time at The Studio, too!

Call me for more details!  And more details to be posted almost daily on this blog!  See you next month!

Happy Cropping!