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Monday, August 15, 2011

New Blog on new website!

Hi all!  If you're reading this blog, then I would like to direct you to my newly re-designed website at!  With the creation of that fantastic site, there is a Blog feature that I will now start using for updates, messages, announcements, etc.  So, this particular blog will no longer be used so that I can use all the new features of my new site and its blog!

So, take a look!  And THANK YOU for following us!!

Blessings to you and yours!

The Scrapbook Studio

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Studio's new website is almost ready!

Good Friday morning my dear friends, family and customers!  I have great news and many thanks to extend this morning!    Warning:  you will find many exclamation points in this blog because I am so excited about the new website!!

First, let me say a special Thank You to Joe and Tom at Clear Choice Creative in Warren!  While the new website is not quite ready for public viewing, they are working hard to get the site up to Studio Standards!  They've created a new look, a new feel and totally trendy, kicky designs to the site and menus!  I will go into Site Details below...but I wanted to say THANKS for a job WELL DONE!  Releasing this new site to all of you is going to give me great pleasure and excitement and I will anxiously await your comments on it!!  When will it be ready?  Well, I'm shooting for a week or so, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Stay tuned to Facebook for updates.

The Site will feature so many cool things...when it's available, PLEASE take a few minutes to peruse each and every nook & cranny to take in all the new "cool-ness!"

First the HOME PAGE is going to look completely different!  I won't divulge any of the new colors or design of site...that's a SURPRISE!!  But, you will find a ticker at the top of the page that will highlight sales, current news and announcements and special events!  Also on the home page is a direct link to Facebook, and you can see all my Facebook posts and "LIKE" right on the home page!  No more signing into Facebook!  Soon, The Studio will also be on Twitter!

Next, the GALLERY will be kicking with SO MANY photos!  Easy to see, easy to click on!  Organized by Event so you can navigate and know exactly what you're looking at!

The EVENTS & CLASSES page is FABULOUS!  You can easily see all our events in different views!  Weekly, daily, monthly...this will blow our old calendar AWAY!  You can simply "scroll" over the event to get the information, then click on it and all the juicy class details pop up!  You can print the calendar at any given point and there are options throughout the site to print and email what you're looking at!

The CONTACT US page will allow you to EASILY email us right from the page!  No more logging into your email to send us a message!  Do it right from our site!

In Process:  I'm working on getting the programming in place so you can REGISTER AND PAY FOR OUR CLASSES ONLINE!  Our class calendars are increasing exponentially and we want you to have the convenience of registering online! 

Also, for our Scrap Pack Club Members...a special sign-in "Members Only" portion of the site where you (as a member) can login and have access to class projects, templates, instructions and video'd classes when they're available!

We're also working on providing a plethora of links to all your favorite sites like:  Ranger Inks, Tim Holtz, Bo Bunny and more!  We will have up-to-date information on our Breast Cancer Fundraiser in October...the list goes on!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone and I thank you for your continued support as The Scrapbook Studio continues to grow and serve our community by bringing scrapbooking back to the Mahoning Valley in a whole NEW WAY!   God Bless!  See you soon!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The eCRAFT is Coming to The Studio!

To answer your many questions, I've subscribed to a blog that talks about the eCraft exclusively.  This blog is owned by the person who did the beta testing for the machine and is full of info.  We expect the machine to be at The Studio by week's end and we will be setting up machine Demos next week!  Here's a Q&A on the machine!  More Info coming soon!

Is it capable of more detailed cutting?- The eCraft can absolutely cut intricate details in addition to the simple shapes and images shown on our demo. Our Pro version of the software will shock you!

How do you adjust the pressure?- There is an internal paper sensor that senses the thickness of the paper and adjusts the pressure automatically, no manual adjusting necessary.

What size paper can you use?- The maximum width is 12'' and the maximum length is, well, there is none! You can cut smaller pieces as well, we're all about saving money and using scraps!

What is the biggest image you can cut?- Although the eCraft can handle paper up to 12'' wide, the maximum width of an image is approximately 11 1/2''.

Can it cut and draw?- Yes, a pen and a blade are in the machine at the same time. The eCraft draws first and then cuts without swapping or resetting anything. In the Pro version of our software, you can elect to draw only, if desired.

What file formats are supported?- The eCraft uses a proprietary format, however the pro version will allow you to import svg files and other types of images.

Will there be a trial version?- We are considering a trial version and will keep you updated on its availability.

Are you offering storage for the eCraft?- We will have a variety of storage options available in the form of stylish travel bags and totes.

How much does it weigh?- The eCraft is light and portable, weighing in at about 8 lbs.

Is it true about no cutting mat? Yes. Our unique cutter design holds the paper securely with a series of rollers and guides without the need for a cutting mat. No more mess, fuss or risk of tearing when removing material from a mat.

What can it cut? Paper (standard, flocked, glitter, magnet, adhesive backed), card stock, vinyl, felt, grunge paper, and wood veneers.

Paper size? The eCraft can handle paper up to 12" wide by ANY length! You can cut smaller pieces as well, we're all about saving money and using scraps! (we don't reccommend going smaller than 4" x 6")

Image size? Although the eCraft can handle paper up to 12'' wide, the maximum width of an image you can cut is approximately 11 1/2''.

Do I need to change settings for each type of paper? No. The eCraft has an internal paper sensor that automatically adjusts the blade settings according to thickness (its magic)!

How many sheets fit in a paper tray? Several sheets, depending on the thickness of the paper.

Does it take cartridges? We use SD Fun Cards similar to those used in digital cameras. They enable you to work independently of a computer and are available in different themes (Romance, Baby, Holiday, etc...).

Can I connect to a computer? Yes, using a USB connection. But it is not required (see above).

Will it work on a Mac? Due to the limited amount of turnaround time for the software development, the initial release is for PC but we are hard at work on the Mac version and Mac users won't have to wait too much longer, we promise!

Does it draw? Yes, a pen and a blade are in the machine at the same time. The eCraft draws first and then cuts without swapping or resetting anything. In the Pro version of our software, you can elect to draw only, if desired.

Can I use my own designs? The Pro software will allow users to import any vector based image and then establish draw and cut lines. The design capabilities are limited as we are not in competition with familiar applications like Adobe or Corel. We'll let the pros handle the designing and let the eCraft handle the cutting.

What file formats are supported? The eCraft uses a proprietary format, however the Pro version will allow you to import svg files and other types of images, automatically converting them for compatibility with the eCraft.

What are the accessories? There will be full line of SD Fun Cards, special tools, unique papers, storage options, travel accessories, paper roll holder and SO much more. (We could tell you but want to surprise you).

How long do the blades last? We use the highest quality blades so you don't have to change them often. Naturally, if you're cutting through thin stock, blades will last longer than cutting through card stock.

Does it make a lot of noise? No. While all cutters make some noise, relatively speaking, the eCraft is quiet.

What are the differences between the models? The basic unit has a B&W display and will come with one SD Fun Card. The deluxe unit has a color screen and will be bundled with two SD Fun cards. We are planning a unit designed for heavier use that is ideal for craft stores, clubs and power users. It will be equipped with a heavy duty motor drive and other industrial features. All units will have the same cutting capabilities and will be compatible with the Pro version of our software- you don't need to upgrade your machine to upgrade your software!

How much? The MSRP for the eCraft basic is $349. SD Fun Cards are expected to retail for around $49. Replacement blades will run about $1.00 each and will be available in a 25 pack (actual retail pricing is usually lower).

Friday, April 1, 2011

State Of The Studio Address!

Well, today marks our 4-month anniversary!  Wow, what a ride it’s been, too!  Our first month dealt with terrible weather, roof leaks, bathroom plumbing problems and the holidays.  And we made it through, albeit only slightly scathed, and ready to jump into 2011 with both feet and open arms!

But, let me digress for a moment.  A common question has been:  “Why open this business?”  Coming from a long career in the Accounting field, people wonder why I would give up a good career with a steady paycheck, vacation time, 8-5pm Mon-Fri schedule?  Well, the answer is simple.  I never felt like I belonged to ANY of those places where I had worked.  I was always restless, bored and hated reporting to employers who had the common sense and personalities of a door nail.  Mind you, there were good bosses, but they were few and far between.  So, with the love of photography that turned to card-making that turned to scrapbooking…and thinking I had some good ideas for a business (always having that entrepreneurial mindset), I began the process of developing my business plan back in 2006.  Well, with some life-challenges and an infant at home it became more important to put food on the table than jump into a risky venture so the Plan got shoved in my file cabinet until August 24, 2009 where I hit a pivotal moment in my life where I had enough of office politics and crazy people surrounding me…and I knew changing into another accounting job would not solve my unhappiness.
So, I pulled The Plan out of my cabinet, called our Regional Chamber of Commerce and away I went planning, revising, looking at retail space, vendors, etc. and here I am today, April 1, 2011 in the best job I could have hoped for!  It was NOT EASY getting to this point and I, along with everyone around me supporting me, worked very hard on this venture.  And yet another example of how blessed I truly am.

So, here we are…one cold, wintery December month down…and then….

January brought about more bad weather, but through perseverance and meeting wonderful people and teachers, we started adding classes and programs that began the crazy ride of 2011!  The card classes and photography classes are hugely popular and you will continue to see those on our calendars every month going forward!  And, word was getting out even more! 
February brought about our weekly Scrapbook Design & You classes which were fantastic!   Every single student enjoyed the series, learned a bunch about scrapbooking that they never knew and a few of them actually re-did past scrapbook pages because of what they learned!  Good feedback from the students and we are looking forward to another series this April!  Thanks to Tina, our Instructor who did a wonderful job of teaching and is looking forward to the April series!  Once again, card classes were popular and attendance at our Open Crops increased through the month!  February also developed a relationship with The Canfield Heritage Society who oversees Loghurst Cabin in Canfield and we are proud to be their Scrapbook Supplies provider! 

And into March like a lion!  We begin the process of planning our October 22nd Breast Cancer Fundraiser; we host The Crop For The Cause for Close To Home Animal Rescue and reserve the Crop Room for The Niles Friends & Family Relay For Life Team event on April 2nd.  It’s important to note at this juncture that one of the most important intentions of opening The Scrapbook Studio is to give to the community.  We are so blessed in so many ways that if we can make even just a tiny difference to a recipient of our fundraisers, then hopefully it will make our community a better place.  While March was a VERY busy month, April is here and we are looking forward to:
Another Scrapbook Design & You Series (although now it’s called Spotted Canary – why EK Success changed the name, I will never understand), an Easter Card Class, The Relay For Life Crop, our FIRST BOOK CLUB MEETING which I’m very excited about and even more classes and crops!

These 4 months have not been without challenges:  significant plumbing and space issues, overcoming the learning curve that every new business (and employer) must endure, the horrible music from the gym next door, crappy weather and a struggling economy.  But we scrapbookers are not only creative…we are PERSISTENT!  So we will continue to overcome these and future challenges!
As I use up the rest of my Blog space with this State of The Studio Address, let me finish by saying that I will try to continue update this blog more often so you can all get a glance into the operations of the business and me, as the owner and how we are constantly trying to evolve, grow and become the best we can be.  If we can make just a small difference to YOU our customers and our community, then we have already succeeded.  God bless…and a heartfelt Thank You to our customers and our friends & families who’ve supported us!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/9 Local Schools' Colors, Mascots & Logos Coming to The Studio!

Good Morning everyone!  Here is a complete listing of 36 of our local schools whose cardstock (Single Sided and Double-Sided) and Ribbons will be carried in The Scrapbook Studio!  Each sheet of cardstock and coordinating ribbon will be in each school's colors and the double-sided cardstock is going to have an awesome graphic using each school's mascot.  More designs will be coming, but this is GREAT selection of designs to meet every project's need! 
Delivery of these items is scheduled around 12/23!!!

Austintown Fitch
Boardman Spartans
Brookfield Warriors
Campbell Red Devils
Canfield  Cardinals
Cardinal Mooney
Chalker High School
Champion Flashes
Chaney Cowboys
Columbiana Clippers
East High Panthers
Girard Indians
Howland Tigers
Hubbard Eagles
Jackson Milton Blue Jays
JFK (Kennedy)
Joseph Badger
LaBrae Vikings
Lakeview Bulldogs
Leetonia Bears
Liberty Leopards
Lordstown Red Devils
Lowellville Rockets
Matthews Mustangs
McDonald Blue Devils
Mineral Ridge
Newton Falls Tigers
Niles Red Dragons
Poland Bulldogs
Salem High School
Sharon High School Tigers
South Range Raiders
Springfield Tigers
Struthers Wildcats
Ursuline High School
Warren Harding Raiders

Monday, December 6, 2010

12/6 What's Happenin' At The Studio This Week!

Good Monday Evening everyone!  This is our first week of classes at The Scrapbook Studio and while December has just a tasty nibble of classes, January is the whole MEAL!  Stay tuned AND see the website for January Classes - and more to be scheduled!

But first things first!  This Wednesday is our Lunch Box Crop - come between the hours of 11:00-2:00pm and spend your lunch hour relaxing, cropping or shopping!  Bring a sandwich - FREE CROP TIME!

This Friday, 12/10 is the Digital Scrapbooking Class using Storybook Creator Plus Software with Heather Halstead!  A few spaces are still available, so call now to get yours reserved!

This Saturday is our first ever MIDNITE JAMMIE CROP!  Come in your jammies and I have a gift for you!  Take a break from these crazy snow days and holiday shopping and have some fun scrapbooking or working on those handmade gifts or cards!  We've got all you need to Git 'Er Done!  LOL!

Next week is our MUCH ANTICIPATED:  INTRO TO PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS with Krista from Krista Mae Photography!  This is a popular one and class size is limited, so get your spot reserved soon!

And Finally - Tim Holtz Stamps Are Coming to The Scrapbook Studio!  Yep...that's right!  Stop in to see his latest designs and some of his traditional favorites!

Store Hours are:  Monday thru Saturday 11:00-9:00pm and
Sundays 12:00 Noon to 5:00pm

See you soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2/10 The Scrapbook Studio is now open!

After many long days and nights getting the store ready, The Scrapbook Studio is now open and ready to SERVE YOU!!

We got beautiful patterned papers for Christmas, 3-D stickers, chipboard pieces, punches from Paper Shapers, EK Success & Martha Stewart!  Beautiful Glazed and Dotted Swiss Cardstock from Bazzill Basics Paper!  Wood and Clear Stamps from Inkadinkado and Penny Black!

We've got Laser Cut dies for Sports, Hunting, Camping, Military, Cheerleading and more!  Lines of beautiful thick paper from Basic Grey, Best Creations, Imaginisce and more!  Albums too!  From Mickey & Tinkerbell Scrapbook Album kits to Wedding and Baby, also!

Stop in for a complimentary cup of coffee and look around!  See you soon!