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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Thursday Morning!

Good morning everyone!  I'm so excited to see some new "followers" on this Blog - Thank you!  I will do my best to keep you informed and entertained as The Studio dream becomes a reality and we can all share in its first steps to inception!

Today, I thought, since we have some "newbies" to the Blog (a big WELCOME! to you) that I would take this opportunity to tell you all about the The Scrapbook Studio and all of the wonderful things in store for all of us!

First, "The Studio" (as I affectionately like to call it, plus it's easier to type - ha ha), will have a vast array of products, tools, embellishments, punches, beautiful designer (12x12) cardstock that I am choosing by-hand, myself.  I will have hand-picked every single item you will see when you shop with us!  Each item truly is being chosen with YOU in mind.  I hope you love all of the products!  There will be almost 1,000 different paper designs in my beginning inventory!

Next, I've designed a cropping & training room that encompasses comfort and a homey feel so that while you're working on those beautiful scrapbooks or making cards for an upcoming holiday, you can feel functional AND comfortable!  I will have a die-cutting machine. tools and supplies on-hand for you to use, like punches, scrap cardstock, tools, etc.    Just in case you forget something at home or want to try something different that you don't have yet!

Also, you will have access, as my customer, to a Free Self-Serve Coffee Bar.  A Keurig Coffee Machine system with coffees, teas, hot chocolates.  Just my way of saying "Come in, relax, enjoy your time at The Studio!"  Bistro Tables will be available for you to sit, have your coffee and thumb thru a book or magazine...or chit-chat with me!

For all you moms:  A Children's Play Area.  Yes, an area designated for our little ones to color, play and keep busy while you shop in the store!

For my Techy-Scrapbookers:  I have a designed an area for Digital Scrapbooking!  A designated computer and wide-carriage digital photo printer will be available for you to dabble in digital scrapbooking or even print a few of those photos you want to include in your layout!  For a small fee to cover the supplies, you can make yourself at home at the Digital Station working on those digital layouts.  And remember:  you can still add embellishments to those digital layouts which we call "Hybrid Scrapbooking!"  Very cool!

One of the coolest things about The Studio is the LOCKERS!  Locker usage & rental will be available for you to put your belongings in while you're "camping" out at The Studio for an all-day event or cropping session and large lockers will be available for your Cropping Cases so you don't have to lug those big cases in and out of the car, especially in Winter when it's a MESS outside!

Lunch Box Crops - Do you want to scrapbook on your lunch hour?  Bring your lunch, reserve a locker for all of your supplies & tools and come work on those layouts on your lunch hour!  All you have to bring is your lunch!

There is so much more, so let's re-convene tomorrow to go over all of the cool SERVICES and CLASSES and EVENTS that The Studio will offer its customers!  Even the non-scrapbookers!  We love you too!  LOL!

Thank you, God Bless! 

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