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Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11/10 A Series of Special "Thank You's"

While each day passes that I anxiously await word that construction is beginning at The Studio, I find this a perfect opportunity to say Thank You to so many individuals who helped me transform The Scrapbook Studio from a series of ideas in a Business Plan that began more than 3 years ago to a very much anticipated "brick & mortar" store for which so many of you are anxiously awaiting!

First, in order of appearance (ha ha), Thank you to Jim Rowlands, Don Colvin and Jack Jiacheng (I hope I spelled that correctly) in the REACH program at the Regional Chamber.  While skeptical at first, then becoming true "believers," their collaborative effort and constant source of research, advice, support and guidance helped make my plan pristine and in my eyes, a work of "financial art" for financing purposes.

Next, Thank you to Kevin Dougherty at Huntington Bank, who also was skeptical at first...but then also became a "believer!"  He kept the financial wheels rolling!  Not an easy task!  Thanks, Kevin!  And staying in the Huntington realm, Thank You to Jody Cutrer who worked hard to help me decide which point of sale system is best for the store!  Thanks Jody!

Next:  Bob Hepler and Louise at Focus Ventures who have provided me the PERFECT place for my dream-come-true!  I honestly can't think of a better location for The Studio!  And while there is still much work to be done, I know they will continue to be great source of support and will help make The Studio a haven of scrapbooking BLISS!

And to my dear, dear friend, Bob Gensler whose incredible legal skills, background and patience educating me on legal terminology and guidance throughout the process....a very special Thank You.  Even while facing many of life's challenges this year, he's been strong and giving to those who need him.

To Jack Wohlgamuth of People's Building in Hubbard, who is building my custom shelving. Thank you.  Are they done yet???

To Anthony Huggins of AH Designs, my web designer, who is getting a lesson in dealing with demanding clients (ha ha)...Thanks for your patience, your diligence and creativity with the Site! 

To Dave's daughters:  Alisha, Justine and Mallory - your help (currently and in the future!) is more appreciated than you will ever know!  Thank you for being wonderful almost-stepdaughters! (LOL)

To my future customers:  I am so thankful for your support and excitement for the store!  I promise to always put you first and do everything in my power to make your shopping, cropping and "connecting with others" an experience that will always make you feel at home and as special as you truly are.  To all of you:  Thank you...I can't wait to see you!

And finally, the most important Thank You's of all:  to my close friends (and you know who you are), my Mom (Mary Vincent)...and my Dave:  There's no way this incredible project could have gotten to this point without you.  In each of your own ways, you have helped this come to fruition and gave me more confidence, support, advice and encouragement than I could have ever hoped for!  To you:  the most special Thank You of all.  I am truly blessed.  And I love you!


  1. Angela,

    Thanks for the thanks !!!! Can't wait to see this project come to fruition.

  2. Hello Angela,

    I am a digital scrapbooker. My friend just told me about your new store....we are SOOOOO excited to have a place locally to scrap. We have been lost without Cord Camera. Congratualtions and Good luck!
    Nicole Giesey