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Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 Changes Abound at The Scrapbook Studio!

Good Monday Morning everyone!  I know Monday, yuck.  But, it marks the beginning of a new week and new opportunities, right?

Well, new weeks also bring about changes and The Scrapbook Studio is undergoing a slight change in location -- a VERY slight change!  While there were issues surrounding construction at the larger space within The Pinetree Plaza, there also became available another smaller space in the plaza!  Right next to Fitness One is The Scrapbook Studio's new home and the landlord and I are working very diligently to get it ready for Black Friday!

While being considerably smaller than my original space, I think the new space will be cozier and make it easier to connect with our fellow shoppers and croppers!  We will still have a training and cropping center, the children's play area, coffee bar, digital station and I will fill every available nook and cranny with the latest scrapbook tools, papers, stickers, punches...everything your little scrapbooking heart desires!

So let's all say a little prayer to the Scrapbooking God above that all goes with the minor build-outs at our new location and that are running full steam ahead before Black Friday!

Good day to you all!  And thank you for your continued support, patience and excitement during these slight changes and delays while The Scrapbook Studio & Cafe comes to "life!"

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  1. Hope things are going smoother--Hope to see you open soon-I'm always looking for a new place to shop!!good luck with your studio.Pattyk