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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10 The Digital Scrapbook Station at The Studio!

Good Wednesday morning everyone...and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  I love Halloween and all the great candy and projects and costumes and parties that come with it! 

Today's Blog topic is a brief introduction to the Digital Scrapbook Station at The Scrapbook Studio! 

This area of the store has been a particular challenge to me since there are SO many different types of scrapbooking software out there and so many different types of computers and operating systems that people are comfortable working with.

So, the big question was:  "How do I meet the needs of my "techy" digital scrapbook customers?"  Well, what I REALLY wanted was a whole ROOM full of computers, printers and fun scrapbooking software for everyone to use, but obviously, not a viable fiscal choice for a new scrapbook store with an accountant for an owner who is conservative to say the least!  LOL!

The Digital Desk (as I like to call it) will be comprised of a work area large enough for you to spread out whatever things you like to work with when you're working on your digital layouts, a wide-carriage Epson printer that can print up 13x19 photos and layouts!  That's not a typo!  13x19!!  Plus it will have all of the hookups necessary for you to bring in your laptop

This will allow all of you to be familiar with the equipment & software you're working on, but will still provide some of the essentials you may not have at home -- like peace and quiet to work on your projects, the large high-quality printer and various size photo paper for your layouts! 

The pricing structure for the use the Digital Desk and the photo paper is currently being developed and will be ready for opening day!

And don't forget about those digital scrapbooking classes coming up!  Keep checking our website calendar of events for class schedules and fees (!!

Take Care Everyone!  Have a great Wednesday!

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