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Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/7/10 Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Product Line at The Studio!

Good Thursday morning everyone!  Continuing with the product line theme for The Scrapbook Studio, I thought today would be a good day to discuss the very special product lines for...
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts!!

I have chosen an extensive line of various papers and embellishments that focus on the very special and important organizations that really teach our children many valuable tools to use in their every day life! 

My nephew has been in Boy Scouts for many years and being part of such a great group has not only taught him special skills, how to achieve goals, and everyday useful tools, they've really brought him out of this "shell."  They've taught him self-confidence and much higher self-esteem.
So, in addition to carrying a full line of the "Scouts" scrapbook supplies, I would also WELCOME the opportunity to host a Girl Scout or Boy Scout (or Brownies or Cubs) scrapbooking event at The Studio!  I will provide all of the materials necessary for the group to make their own memory books, scrapbooks, any kind of paper-craft project appropriate for the group!

So, to all the parents whose children are in The Scouts, Kudos to you!   And to the young people in The Scouts:  Great Job!

Please contact me to schedule YOUR Scout event at The Scrapbook Studio!  I can be reached at the following emails:



  1. This is exciting too! I will make sure I tell our Daisey Scout leader. Where have you been? Our valley really needs a store that is not only catering to the scrapping population, but also to tie in the family value. So excited!

  2. I am so excited to hear this! My son is in cub scouts and I am always on the look out for scout related scrapbook items. I can not wait until you are open for business!!!